It CAN happen here!

I’m embarrassed by the amount of time I’ve neglected to post.  Honestly, I’ve been much too wrapped up in the recent headlines that have caused an abundance of ugly online comments and blogs.  Telling myself not too read them – they get me so worked up – hasn’t worked.  I’ll start to rapidly type an eloquent, yet sharply heated, response to a nasty comment, then stop in the middle of my rant.  Ridiculous really.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a recurring theme that seems to pop up in different ways, catching my attention.  Maybe Someone is trying to tell me something? The current administration’s actions regarding the HHS Mandate have ignited a rally call to defend our constitutional right to religious freedom.  Obviously, it is one of the media hot buttons which has caused my recent online communication obsession.  But the theme I seem to be noticing is one of “living by example”.  Why do I find the need to rant and rail against the arguments from all sides?  How can my cutting remarks do anything to resolve the volatile situation?

So……out with the involved arguments and in with some sanity!  There are much more productive things I can do, we can all do, to be part of the solution.  Here are my suggestions to do just that!

1)  VOTE!  Become an informed voter.  Don’t base your vote on commercials or hearsay.  Research the candidates.  If they are already in office, their voting record is available to the public.  If they are a newcomer to the political scene, find out about their work ethic, their stance on important issues when interviewed or during debates.  Find voter guides, such as one published by  As the saying goes, “You can’t complain if you don’t even vote!”  And you certainly can’t be part of the solution.

2)  Get involved.  Not by commenting into arguments on news stories or blogs.  Support the candidates of your choice. Let your elected officials know where you stand and what you expect of them.  Use your influence with friends, fellow church members and family to be a source of information and encouragement.  Be a peaceful voice in an explosive situation.  Attend events that promote religious freedom and don’t support ones that have a negative impact.

3)  See a movie!  Yes, that’s what I said.  See “For Greater Glory” when it comes out in the few days.  Not only is it an epic and beautifully filmed movie, it is based on the true story of the Cristero War in Mexico.  Brave men and women, lay and religious, fought against the government oppression of their Catholic faith, many losing their lives in the process.  We are facing no less an important event in our country’s history.  Although we may not be called to give our lives, are we willing to stand up for what we believe?  Can we be strong and confident voices against government restrictions, such as mandated employer benefit demands and loss of conscience rights?  Or will we fall into the trap of apathy that says it could never happen here?!

4) Pray!  Above all, pray.  If you already pray the rosary every day, pray it twice.  If you already visit the adoration chapel, go more often.  If you haven’t set aside a time every day to talk to the Lord and then listen for his promptings, start now.  Nothing we do will be effective if we don’t ask for His grace and mercy.  We fool ourselves if we begin to think we can combat opposition with only our human efforts.

Academy Award® nominee Andy Garcia plays General Gorostieta in For Greater Glory.  He transforms a rag-tag band of rebels into a heroic force to be reckoned with during Mexico’s Cristero War.
Photo Credit – Hana Matsumoto photo, courtesy of AR C Entertainment
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